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In response to the CORONAVIRUS outbreak, Wigginton Parish Council has instituted a community support channel to help the Wigginton community through the crisis.

We have established a group of volunteers who are ready to help people who are ill or needing to be in isolation.

If you need help please telephone 07555 662654 or email wiggintonhelp@gmail.com.

We are particularly keen to provide support for people who are not able to be supported by friends and family.

Please think about people you may know who could be in need.

We expect that the most important area of support will be help with shopping for food and other essentials.

The Village Shop is developing a home delivery service that will be operational soon.

The village shop website is at wiggintonshop.org.uk.    Tel: 01442 891061


Volunteers will also be able to visit local supermarkets and pharmacies to collect food and medicines.

Other support areas may be:

–  Help with children’s school work online or by phone

–  Someone to talk to 

If you need support just phone or email and we will put you in touch with a volunteer who can help.

If you would like to join the volunteer group either phone us or send an email giving your name, contact details, roughly where you live in the village and what help/support you are able to give

Many thanks!

January 2020 News

CPRE Hertfordshire Awards

For those caring about their comminity and/or the environment.

You can nominate yourself or someone else.

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Vacancy for Clerk to the Parish Council

The Parish Council is seeking an enthusiastic person with excellent administrative skills for this part-time role working from home. 

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Climate Change Action Plan

The Climate Change Action Plan that was adopted by the Wigginton Parish Council at the December meeting is now available.

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