Wigginton Local Directory

Welcome to our new local directory, We are lucky to live in such a vibrant community, with wonderful local amenities like churches, pub, village hall, St. Bartholomew’s School and the┬áthe Wigginton Community Shop


There is a great range of local businesses, groups and clubs within the parish and this local directory is designed to let you know how to get in touch and take advantage of them whether you are looking to join the WI, fancy borrowing a book from the Bookswap or a local plumber.


Please use the menu above to find out what’s avaiable in the village.


We hope you find the directory useful and we hope the small businesses in Wigginton benefit from your custom.


Wigginton Parish Council


Disclaimer: Wigginton Parish Council takes no responsibility whatsoever for the quality of the goods and services described.

If you would like your business, group or club mentioned please get in touch using the contact form below.


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