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Wigginton (Wigentone - 1086) is a large village and civil parish running north-south and perched at 730 ft (220 m) on the edge of the Chiltern Hills and aside the border with Buckinghamshire. It is part of Dacorum district in the county of Hertfordshire. The nearest towns are Tring in Hertfordshire (1.5m NW) and across the other side of the A41, Chesham (6m S) and Wendover (6m W), both in Buckinghamshire. Adjacent to the main village is the settlement of Wigginton Bottom where a number of farmworkers cottages were built during the 19th century.


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20 is Plenty


April 2022
20 is Plenty

Concern regarding speeding through the village is often a recurring theme in recent Parish surveys. With that in mind the Parish Council recently passed a motion to join the growing national campaign to support:

20’s plenty where people, live, work and play

Local Authorities have the power to set speed limits, so along with other Parish and Town Councils, the aim is to persuade Hertfordshire County Council to adopt this policy county-wide as well as in Wigginton itself. County-wide campaigns involve 20’s Plenty groups across a highway authority area jointly calling for 20mph limits. Rather than compete for funds, campaigns work together for the policy commitment to giving all built up areas wide 20mph limits. Unity is powerful and it’s the most cost-effective policy.

The benefits of a 20mph speed limit are multi-fold, including, but not limited to:

  • Creating a safer environment for everyone but particularly children, families and the elderly to be out and about, walking to school or the shop, at play, enjoying bike and scooter trips.
  • Promoting healthy activity, a more pedestrian friendly environment, less pollution and a reduced risk of serious injury or death.
  • Many village roads do not have a pavement or footpath to walk on.....pedestrians compete with passing traffic.

Join the campaign: 20s Plenty stickers for cars, wheelie bins and bikes will be available to pick up at the Annual Parish Meeting or can be purchased directly from the 20s plenty website. The Parish Council, with the support of our local Hertfordshire County Councillor, Sally Symington, is working with the Highways Dept. to undertake ‘Speed and Traffic Surveys’ in the village. Statistics are only one aspect .....if you want to achieve speed reduction in the village make sure Hertfordshire Highways have no doubts about public feeling.

You can let us know your thoughts comments on the Parish Council website and contact HCC transport committee through our local HCC Councillor, Sally Symington. Come to the Annual Parish Meeting to sign the petition and display 20s plenty stickers on wheelie bins, cars and bikes. Find out more about 20s Plenty on their website:



Ultrafast Broadband - It's now or never!


April 2022
Ultrafast Broadband



Unfortunately, Openreach have moved the goalposts on us due to financial year planning, and we now have until 7th April to reach our pledging target, regardless of the date given on the pledging site.

If you have not pledged a voucher then PLEASE pledge your voucher now. This really is the last chance to bring Ultrafast Broadband to Wigginton. We currently have 70% of the pledges needed, so we are close, but we just need one last push to get us over the target.

DON’T DELAY – If you want Ultrafast Broadband then you NEED to pledge your voucher. If we don’t reach the target then the scheme will end.

Please ACT NOW! Click the button below to find out more about pledging a voucher, and pledge your voucher!


If you have already pledged your voucher, then thank you! But remember to tell your friends and make sure they have pledged their voucher as well.....

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