Ultrafast Broadband - It's time to act!


It’s time to ACT NOW!

Openreach have agreed to install Ultrafast Internet in Wigginton, but only if enough households pledge a government funded voucher which Openreach then use to cover the costs of installing the fibre optic cables.

Pledging a voucher is free and earmarks a government grant available to all households in Wigginton to bring Ultrafast Broadband to rural communities such as ours. Installation is expensive, so we have a large pledge target we must reach for Openreach to go ahead, so...

we need as many households as possible to pledge a voucher

If we don’t meet this target then the scheme will end, and we’ll likely have to wait years and years for Ultrafast Broadband to come to Wigginton as part of the (slow) National roll out. We’ll certainly need the village to pull together to gather enough pledges, but our neighbours in Aldbury, Cholesbury and Bellingdon have all managed to fund a scheme this way, so we can do it too!

Ultrafast Broadband future proofs the village and provides the reliable, high speed connectivity we’ll need to support future services delivered over the internet. This is our one chance to bring Ultrafast Internet to Wigginton in the foreseeable future.

Please ACT NOW! Click the link below to find out more about pledging a voucher